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JB international industry limited established in 2002, mainly engaged in manufacture various PE , LDPE AND PET plastic bottles for chemical, food, cosmetic, medicine and other industry etc With the different specification, We can produce various blowing and injection bottles for the customers .!

Our Featured Products:
Featured Products

Beautiful, Bottles of the gods!

Featured Products

Beautiful, Bottles of the gods!

Our Newest Bottles:
JB-107    Aluminum bottle
JB-106    Aluminum bottle
JB-105    rubber sac
JB-104    Glue bottle
JB-103    Glue bottle
JB-102    Glue bottle
JB-101    plastic bottle
Products Categories:
 Glue bottles
 Aluminum Essential bottle
 washing nad cleaning bottles
 make-up bottles
 Ink bottle
 Aluminum Essential bottles

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2007 JB International Industry Limited.
Chinese mailand factory address: Building 1,No.158 Zhiwuyuan Rd,Nanyue Longgang Shenzhen
            City, Guangdong Province .
Hongkong headoffice Address: Flat C,Luckyplaza,315-321 Lockhart Road,Wanchai,Hongkong.

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Why Choose us?
We are equipped with the most advanced plastic blowing and injecting equipment in China and nearly one hundred senior technical developing and researching engineers. Always insists in "to promote development by powerful science and technology, to strictly manage subject to regarding person as root, to obtain high benefit by high quality, and to carve out for fast progress".